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As a healer or therapist, your focus is helping people to feel better – givng them the gift of a relaxed body, calm emotions and clear mind. And there are many ways to do that!

In my over two decades as a healer and therapist, I have searched for the approaches that give the most positive change in the least amount of time. I have found that the approaches that have the quickest and most long-lasting results tend to utilize one or more of these aspects:

  • Addressing the energy field
  • Soothing the nervous system
  • Accessing the subconscious mind via symbology

One of my teachers says that once we learn something, it is our responsibility to pass it on. It is my great delight to share these teachings with you.

Enhance your Therapy Practice with Aromatherapy

45 min. talk 

You use relaxing music, soft lighting, and comfortable chairs to appeal to your clients’ senses of hearing, seeing and touching, providing the most healing environment and treatment for them. But what about the most elemental and powerful of all the senses…the sense of smell? The unique molecular structure of essential oil molecules goes directly from the nose to the limbic system, where the brain stores emotions, and affects the amygdala, the memory center for fear and trauma, thereby assisting the mind/body response to release trauma, sharpen focus, reduce stress, support energetic and joyful attitudes, and restore a sense of control.


Aromatherapy for Therapists and Energy Healers

2-1/2 hour workshop

Essential oils are a dynamic way for therapists to assist clients. Are you a therapist, social worker, counselor or someone with interests in those fields? Come and learn how essential oils can enhance your therapy practice, balance emotions, how to anchor a positive state with essential oils, how to help your clients release stress and sadness and restore joy and peace, what essential oils are used for ADD or addictions, how to calm down an over-stimulated central nervous system, what essential oils to use for trauma and shock, and how to protect yourself and your space from negative energy.

Beyond the Chakras – Understanding Challenging Clients – Attachment Theory for Healers

1 hour class
Clients come to us with ‘presenting issues’ – and we’re happy to help them! But what happens when that help just doesn’t seem to ‘stick’ or they always need more? Understanding the basics of Attachment Theory can help us to understand the drivers that are underlying their emotional imbalances.

The Power of Visualization

1-1/2 hour talk

Have you been to therapists, hypnotists, or energy workers and felt little, if any change in your life? Or perhaps you noticed some immediate relief, which quickly faded away and left you back where you started.

Talk therapy and standard hypnosis (suggestions and visualizations) work from the outside in.

They can take a long time to change what is buried deep inside. Even many energy therapies rely on the therapist making the change for you. While this may work in the short term, it often does not bring you understanding or empowerment to continue those changes in your life.

Healing Soul Hypnosis works from the inside out, by bringing you back to the source of the problem so that you can release it and replace it with a positive new state. While in a light trance, you are able to access the original ‘seed’ of the problem, and discover what negative thought or feeling states sprouted from it. You then use your own power to create healthy new decisions about how to think, feel, and act.  Because you are in control of this process, you leave the session with greater understanding, a deeper sense of meaning, a feeling of empowerment, and healthy new choices.

Come and hear how Healing Soul Hypnosis works, even – or especially – for deep, difficult, or stuck issues.

Reiki Cranial Fascia

8 hour workshop

Reiki Cranial Fascia is the art of using a light, gentle touch along with Reiki energy and vibrational affirmations at several key points on the head.

Using touch with Reiki refreshes the cranial and spinal rhythm, reducing stagnation within the nervous system and giving greater freedom for the energy to circulate. This can free up crystallized thoughts and belief systems, transforming them to bring new positive, uplifting thoughts and experiences into your life.

My clients tell me that the combination of talk therapy and Reiki Cranial Fascia has been transforming their lives in ways they never imagined possible.

Don’t know Reiki yet? You can still learn and use this process and then take a Reiki training to bring it to the next higher level when you are ready.

Once you’ve learned it, a Reiki Cranial Fascia process can be done in about 45 minutes, so it is easy to add onto your existing practice.

Testimonials for Reiki Crania Fascia
It was awesome. Very relaxing. Felt in balance. Loved it! ~ LN

It was beneficial to be voice guided and to have plenty of time to do the sessions.



I liked Susan’s approach, she brought everyone into the group and encouraged participation. Fun and insightful evening.

Mary B

The class was interactive and the instructor was knowledgeable, calm and very energizing during the course.


I came in with little knowledge and left with so much more than I could’ve expected. Thank you!!


Susan Atchison

About Susan Atchison

Susan L. Atchison is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, with over 20 years of counseling, speaking and teaching. Her approach is multi-disciplinary, weaving a tapestry of wisdom from many sources. Her style is engaging, personal, and interactive. In addition to providing value for the attendees, she attends to the sponsor of the speech by being organized, efficient and on time.

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